​​Technical Programming

Body Image/Media Literacy: Students will build an understanding of how media may influence body-related feelings and behaviors by analyzing the meanings and social consequences of media messages included in teen magazines. 

Nutrition: Participants will gain an understanding of what constitutes a healthy and balanced lifestyle by planning, preparing, eating, and analyzing the nutritional content of a meal.

Physical Activity: Students will participate in creative movement activities that engage them in self-expression and build self-confidence. They also will partake in physical activities at the CSU Recreation Center or outdoors that promote self-confidence and team building. 

Anti-Bullying: Participants will engage in dialogue and activities that promote understanding about bullying, risk factors for bullying, and appropriate responses to bullying/bullying prevention.

Internet Safety: Students will participate in an interactive presentation that provides guidelines for safe Internet use and best-practices on how to avoid potential dangers online. 

Social Programming

Fiber/Textile Science: Participants will use optical microscopes to examine fibers like cotton and nylon and will explore synthetic fiber formation through spinning techniques. Students will dye and compare the qualities of dyes on different fabrics.

​​Digital Textile Printing: Participants will create digital textile designs using pattern repeat techniques. They will print their textile designs using digital printing technology and will use these textiles to create a sewn garment (e.g., a dress or top).

​​Apparel Engineering: Participants will employ 3D body scanning technology to measure human body dimensions, which will be used to calculate critical measurements for garment construction.

Apparel Costing and Pricing: Students will cost garment production based upon choice of materials and location of production to inform the final retail price for their own product.

Wearable Technology: Participants will engage in the creation of wearable technology, learning how to write simple programs and designing circuits needed to control LEDs (light-emitting diodes).

Historic Textiles: Young people will learn about the history of fashion and textiles using examples from the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising. They will be introduced to museum best practices and the science and technology used in conservation to ensure the long-term preservation of historic material.  

Merchandise Assortment Planning: Students will create an assortment plan for their own store.  Plans will be based upon target market research and will be developed to maximize sales and profit.

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