A STEM Enrichment Program for Middle School Youth

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We are so excited to have you join us this year! Your safety and health are our top concerns. Please read about this summer’s additional safety precautions so we can all stay healthy!

Limited Enrollment

Enrollment in the Fashion FUNdamentals program will be smaller this year to allow for social distancing and ensure safety. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please get your application in soon! (Application deadline extended to April 30!)

Social Distance

Our classrooms will have designated workspaces to allow all program participants to maintain social distancing. Please talk with students beforehand about the expectation to maintain social distancing for everyone’s safety.

Wearing Masks

Please ensure students arrive each day wearing a mask. It is important that everyone understands the need to wear the mask all day, except when eating. All masks need to cover both chin and nose. There will be a small number of extra masks on hand in case of emergency, but not enough for all students each day, so all students need to remember to bring their own masks.

Cleaning Hands

Hand sanitizer will be available at check-in/check-out and in each classroom. Please help us communicate to students the importance of using hand sanitizer and taking advantage of every opportunity to wash their hands (30 seconds with warm water and soap).

Cleaning Work Spaces

Our program requires students to rotate from classroom to computer lab, sewing studio, etc. Students will be asked to help disinfect their workspace so it is clean and safe for the next program participant. Program leaders will help facilitate the transition from classroom to classroom to maintain social distance as much as possible.

Please reach out to the program manager, Sara Dudek (Sara.K.Dudek@colostate.edu) with additional questions. Frequently asked questions will be updated on this page.